Fıstık ağaçları Orman köylülerine gelir sağlayacak

Fıstık ağaçları Orman köylülerine gelir sağlayacak

Şanlıurfa Orman Bölge Müdürlüğünce, orman köylüsünün bulunduğu yerde ormanlardan en iyi şekilde yararlanılmasını sağlamak amacıyla gelir getirici tür ağaçlandırma çalışmaları devam ediyor.

Viranşehir’de orman köylülere gelir sağlamak amacıyla fıstık ağaçlandırma çalışması yapıldıktan sonra köylüler ile beraber bölgede dikilen ağaçların bakımı yapıldı.

Viranşehir Küçükdikme Mahallesinde dikilen fıstık ağaçlarının orman köylülerine gelir sağlaması amacıyla Şanlıurfa Orman Bölge Müdürlüğü ekipleri tarafından dikimi yapılmıştı. Orman köylüleri bölgede dikilen fıstıkların toprak sürümünü, ot alma ve çapa yapma işlemlerini gerçekleştirdi.

Orman Bölge Müdürümüz Cevdet Çiçek, Şanlıurfa Viranşehir Küçükdikme köy oluşturulan gelir getirici tür olarak Fıstık ağaçlandırması gerçekleştirildiğini söyledi. Orman köylüsünün yürütülen çalışmalardan memnun olduğunu dile getiren Orman Bölge Müdürü Cevdet Çiçek, “3 yıl boyunca belirli periyotlarla bakımı yapılan sahada 2020 yılında traktörle toprak sürümü, köylülerimiz tarafından ot alma ve çapa yapma işlemleri, 2020 yılında yeniden ot alma ve çapa işlemleri Şanlıurfa Orman İşletme Şefliği kontrolünde yapıldı. Önümüzdeki yıllarda aşı çalışmaları planlandı. Yapılan çalışmalar ile başta orman köylüsü olmak üzere kırsal alanda yaşayan halkın refah düzeyinin artırılması hedefleniyoruz.”

“Bye!” After my figure disappeared, Han Xue closed the door in despair and looked at the tableware left on the table. Touching people and thinking, the scene of fading disappeared. Han Xue stopped and looked around, nostalgic. Short warmth. Sometimes falling in love is so simple, there is no reason to explain it, but at this moment, Han Xue is absolutely sure that she has fallen in love and cannot regret it even in the face of strong winds and waves, so she is even more determined. I must help me pass the test of Han Xiaotian and fight for my own happiness. I listened to the conversation, and Xu Jialiang and Su Cheng were familiar characters, so the two went on a block and talked and laughed, and quickly attracted Han Xue’s attention to them, even Han Xue himself didn’t notice. 3m n95 mask price In order to facilitate the communication with the two, she slowly approached them, and the distance from me was getting farther and farther. After a while, I sat at the two ends of the sofa with her. As soon as Pan Junyu’s voice fell, the gentle voice of the stewardess came out of the horn. She explained that the plane encountered airflow. Please don’t worry, and ask each passenger to fasten their seat belts. God, look at her expression, it seems that she really treats herself as my girlfriend, and that tone is obviously jealous, and my head is sweating coldly, what if Han Xue knew it, what should I do. “Hello, may I ask, are you Pan Junyu’s teacher?” Liu Chu learned that the call was on, Gao Xuan’s heart finally let go and asked Pan Junyu’s whereabouts very directly. Han Xue is reasonable, no complaints, and unconditionally support my work. Although it belongs to work time, she is free to arrange it, so we can’t help respiratory mask fit n95 model 3m but have a sweet talk, flirting, and finally, with the passage of time, we have to hang up the phone. At this point, Douglas and Rams closed their mouths observing their personal safety, and fell into deep thought. “Float! That ’s why he agreed to be clever? What’s his real name? I have friends at the National Security Agency and the Central Military Commission, and I have to ask them to check his details! If it is as powerful as Chen Yu said, he must be It’s not going to be unknown. So with doubt, curiosity and a little pride in my heart, I asked Luo Yun again. “Well … let me handle it! I’ll contact you later!” Liu Chu looked around and had to return to his seat in eight minutes. He should have had time to make a phone call and hold on to this idea. Liu Chu still resigned disposable mask amazon from Director how to get the gold dust sword in majoras mask Tan. When Shi Lei noticed that Pan what tests are performed as part of the medical examination for respirator certification Junyu was paying attention to her actions, she raised her head sharply and pointed at the front to eat one-third of the curry rice. She smiled m40 field protective mask for sale and said, “Is anyone appalled after being frightened? I ate like this many. Although it was past six, many people went into the cafeteria one after another. I was bored, and by the way, I tried to look around, and soon found that every TV station staff passing by would pay attention to me and Da Li, because the huge bunch of roses in front of me was in the center of the table and attracted everyone’s attention. “Mr. Han Xue’s speech was very exciting just now. I have invited students from the sports protective face mask New Century, Junyu Pan from Suzhou No. 10 Middle School, to speak in English. Please applaud!” Miriam saw Han Xue return to her seat, Lima picked up the microphone , Announced in a loud order to the people in the audience. “I feel the same. We used to eat and laugh, but now he has nothing to say when he comes home. Would you like to take a vacation tomorrow and go to his school to ask?” Dad thought for a while and proposed to his wife. The policewoman gave me a white look secretly, what is a hepa mask thinking that although I look good, in fact, it is just an embroidered pillow, which should be regarded as a guy with different appearances, so I can’t help looking down on me, too lazy to wait for me, and walk in front of myself. After disposable mask gst rate getting the answer, Dai Li was puzzled by Han Xue’s fancy about me, so she went to the auditorium, she just pointed to the last seat, and 8210 3m dust mask then did not accompany me to say a word, leaving me in Then leave alone and do your own thing. I do n’t know what kind of software is used in this school to test typing speed. If necessary, just give me fifteen minutes and I will be able to write a typing program under pure DOS. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to do so. Put away my thoughts and follow Zheng An’s steps quickly entered the program interface. In the same year, the Federal Secret Service launched “Sunshine Crimes” in 14 cities to crack down on hackers. “Oh!” I replied, but only took a few steps, and suddenly I turned around, staring at the beautiful teacher behind me. “Hello Uncle Tan, I heard Dad mentioned your name!” I humbly said hello to Tan Ming. He looks ordinary in his fifties or so, and looks different from the agent in my mind, shaking hands with him who is holding a beer belly. Later, I turned my attention to Dong Jianguo, who spoke to me several times. Looking closely, although Dong Jianguo has also reached middle age, he wears thick lenses and exudes a unique book atmosphere, which makes him look like a politician and a senior scholar. Oh, the people who answered me thanked me by following the posts. Some dustina dust mask of them wanted to worship me and worshiped me as their elder brother. I couldn’t help laughing.

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