Urfa’nın Koca Yürekli Öğretmeni Kapı Kapı Dolaşıp Kitap Dağıttı

Şanlıurfa’nın Siverek ilçesinde öğretmenler tarafından temin edilen test ve çalışma kitapları okul müdürü tarafından kapı kapı öğrencilere dağıtıldı.

Urfa'nın Koca Yürekli Öğretmeni Kapı Kapı Dolaşıp Kitap Dağıttı
Urfa’nın Koca Yürekli Öğretmeni Kapı Kapı Dolaşıp Kitap Dağıttı

Şanlıurfa’nın Siverek ilçesinde öğretmenler tarafından temin edilen test ve çalışma kitapları okul müdürü tarafından kapı kapı öğrencilere dağıtıldı.

Şanlıurfa’nın Siverek ilçesinde Yunus Emre Ortaokulu Müdürü Mustafa Çatalkaya, öğretmenler tarafından 8. sınıf öğrencileri için temin edilen test ve çalışma kitaplarını, öğrencilerinin kaldığı evleri tek tek gezerek dağıttı. Öğrencileriyle sosyal mesafeyi dikkate alarak ayak üstü sohbet eden Çatalkaya, her zaman telefonlarının açık olduğunu ve öğrencilerinin kafasına takılan her konuda kendilerini arayabileceklerini söyledi.

Karşılarında okul müdürünü gören öğrenciler, heyecanlarını gizleyemedi. Okulu, öğretmenlerini ve arkadaşlarını çok özlediklerini söyleyen öğrenciler, bir an önce okullarının açılmasını temenni etti.

Öğretmenleriyle birlikte LGS’ye hazırlanan öğrencilerini ziyaret ettiklerini ve onların çalışması için test ve kitap dağıttıklarını belirten Yunus Emre Ortaokulu Müdürü Mustafa Çatalkaya, “Öğrencilerimize tek tek şunu söyledik, zamanınızı iyi değerlendirin, derslerinizi iyi çalışın, takıldığınız yerlerde öğretmenleriniz size bir telefon kadar yakın. İstediğiniz zaman, isteğiniz saatte öğretmenlerinizi arayabilir, onlardan destek alabilirsiniz. Gerek rehber hocamız ve gerekse diğer öğretmenlerimiz olsun, öğrencilerimizin her zaman aramalarını bekliyorlar. Ziyaretimizde şunu çok iyi anladık ki öğrencilerimiz bizi çok özlemişler, bizler de onları çok özledik. Tez zamanda inşallah bu zor günler geçer ve öğrencilerimize kavuşuruz” diye konuştu.

Chen Yier was persuading his grandfather, and suddenly he was about to jump out. He was fat and big-eared, and his face was white and tender. It was Wang Zhu. He hehe hehe he said, “What are you doing, just me and the two dogs on the street, they hide and seek, and I hid at home. Hee hee, so they must not find me. I am smart, me. Go all the way and watch all the way. After reading for a while, Longyang whispered to himself, “Strange, the more you go west, the fewer the Xiao family is, the more the blacksmith shop is. It stands to reason that Guanzhong Town is also a prosperous place for commerce and trade. “Why did the Xiao family let this piece of fat 3m versaflo fresh air mask go for nothing. The giant ape waved for a while, gradually losing patience, and the blood redness in his eyes grew thicker. He stretched out his other arm to grab disinfectant wipes sale Ye Qiu in the air, trying to force Ye Qiu to let go. Seven or eight water pouches were worn into a long string. Long Yang held it in his hands and waved it a few times, but it was better than nothing. The meals were placed in the Palace of Heavenly Purity and the housekeepers put together three dining tables and laid out the list. The first thing to put up is a scented incense burner, and the official nine-leaf incense of Jiuyecheng. Chen Laohan listened to him and stretched his wrinkles immediately: “When talking about this person, Lu Xiaowei may be aware of it, it is the fortune teller in the east of the city, Xu Ziang. I was picking up the house that day. He listened for a while, and it turned out that Xu Banxian, who was cut off by iron, came to the house. He looked at the girl in my house and looked at her for a while, and concluded that she had a wealthy and noble appearance, and he was not polite at the moment. How to make a brick for three points, what to do in the bowl of wealth. It is strange to say that after his instructions, my old blind man, despite his indifference, feels comfortable living. It seems that he is Some doorways. The Long family is very knowledgeable, usually as a junior to learn swords, guns, sticks, and horse archery are normal things. Thanks to Longyang’s own forbearance, he secretly learns 3m dust mask 9928 the sticks and fists taught by his coach every day while working. At that moment, the internal interest swallowed, and Can Xue lit up, very bright. Qin Keji and Li Zongzhe were shocked: “No, this is too risky. If you cannot attack the city for a short time, then my 130,000 soldiers will be the rootless army in this pocket-shaped terrain. Sooner or later, it will be fierce. Of the cavalry slaughtered. You are not war, you are gambling. He glanced at the sweat beads falling on the cat’s baby’s cheek, and his small face was particularly red in the setting sun. Longyang rushed back from the barracks outside the city. He took over the blood-stained book channel in Qin Chuan’s hand: “Is it salvation. Most of the shield faces of the city stairs are arranged vertically, and the sergeant can be pushed behind, but if the arrows come from a high place, they can only be blocked by the shield players holding the shield. However, the shield surfaces of these city stairs are not upright, but are driven by the wooden gears above, which can adjust the oblique direction of the city, so that the person pushing the city stairs underneath is like a hard umbrella. Let the feathers fly above, but only the sound of bangs can be heard. More than a hundred riders first crossed the line of fire and ran onto the burning fire dragon. The sound of feather arrows turned over many horses. The cavalry and their horses fell into the moat, splashing old high splashes. After a while, a dark red flower bloomed in the murky river water, and gradually fainted until it disappeared. Flame Soul, for a moment, darkened, and even the tip of the gun lost all its luster. There was wind under my feet, agitating the airflow. He was patrolling all the way, and suddenly another sergeant came to report: “General Qi Kai, the house has been cleaned. After he got off the horse, walked to the door, looked up at the newly-placed gold plaque and laughed, “Little girl’s family, Wu Zi has made this house a bit of a style, my Qin disposable mask how to wear brother must be a lifetime Chanting 3m 9211 n95 particulate respirator mask and recitation of Buddhism is much more. “Said he knocked on the knocker of the beast of Rui Rui, waiting for someone to open the door. When Li Qiong was later ill, he opened his mouth to Xu and asked him to protect his children and not to pass the generations on, but at least he could reach out when the grandma was in danger. Xu Kai certainly accepted Li Qiong’s words at the time of his stay, and since then he moved into the Liufenghou Mansion which was built for him by Li Qiong. Unexpectedly, after listening to Longyang’s words, Yan Ziwu stroked his silver hair over his head and said, “How can I not know, but sixteen years have passed by in a hurry. I now look like this, I do filters for 6900 3m mask not know if disposable mask grades he still Didn’t know me? “Then, Fu shook his head again.” 3m mask 4279 Actually, it’s a blessing to purell hand sanitizer not know. You and I are committing crimes now, so don’t bother people’s business. Although Longyang has the blood of the Dragon family, he has been doing livelihoods at the Dragon family since the age of six. Imagine a six-year-old child with a thin hand holding a bucket about the same height as himself 3 ply disposable mask to desolately watering the garden. 3m mask 8233 No one helped him except a few good-looking girls, occasionally stuffing him something to eat. That inner interest went on for thirty-six weeks in the body, and finally returned to Qihai. After persevering for this month, the internal interest has gradually grown, but when practicing in recent days, I feel that the internal interest has not changed much. “Roar,” a loud roar, and the leaves fell. The forbidden army standing in the front row shook at the feet, and took a step back involuntarily.

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